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Europe car hire for Rihlat guests


Car rental for Arab tourists

Depending on your holiday location and plans, you might need to rent a car for your stay to reach every site and destination you’d like to see and visit. Not all regions feature ideal public transportation with only a scarce network reaching the outskirts, more remote villages and natural highlights. If you’re looking for a car hire in Europe, Rihlat can help. Find out everything you need to know about car hire in Europe and find tailor-made offers for Arab guests!


What you need to know about driving in Rihlat countries

Rihlat guests enjoy their holidays in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, all of which are right-driving countries. However, the speed limits can vary greatly depending on the country or the type of road. While town and village roads have a limit of 50 km/h (or 30 km/h in many residential areas), the limits for open roads and motorways can vary depending on the region, the number of lanes and the traffic connections. While most German motorways don’t have speed limit, it is advised not to drive faster than 130 km/h, which is certainly fast enough. When in doubt, ask the hosts at your accommodation about local regulations.


How to rent a car in Europe

Europe tends to have a wide price range between individual car rental companies. We recommend you have a look around, and compare the best prices and cars that suit your needs. Find our offers and suggestions below:

Hertz Car rental

As team members of we offer special car rental rates in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

We aim to find the fairest and best price for you.

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