Airbrush + Lifestyle

Airbrush + Lifestyle = Fashion + Art

When the popular fashion shows take place and present the new trends for ladies' fashion, women cannot wait anymore to wear these current collections theirselves.

Whether fashionable Jeans, Shirts, Blazer, Jackets, Pullover, Scarfs or Accessoires - we can make every basic individual such as our many unique beautiful pieces.

You love art and artistic craftwork? Then we want to send you on a special journey through the techniques of airbrush.

In our boutique you can also find extraordinary unique paintings which are made with airbrush and can be bought as well.

If fashion or art, your fantasy does have no borders at "Airbrush + Lifestyle" in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Airbrush + Lifestyle

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Airbrush + Lifestyle