Boat Rental Scheicher

To offer a smooth service we request to take care of following steps:

  • stay 50 meters away of the shore (stones, string of fishing pole, big boats)
  • stay 300 meters away of the north and the south shore (not enough water, water plants)
  • stay 30 meters away from all boats (risk of damage)
  • due to safety regulations always stay seated (especially watch out for your kids)
  • Lake Zell has drinking quality - we want to keep our lake clean (do not throw trash in it - bottles, ducks feed and more)
  • smoking is strictly prohibited while you are in the boat
  • 4 orange lights mean dangerous storm - immediately come back to the shore
  • if you come back to the shore, please drive slowly and with consideration of others
  • the user is liable for any kind of mess, damages and further passengers

We wish you a pleasant and fun boat trip.


Boat Rental Scheicher

Esplanade 2
5700 Zell am See

+43 664 992 73 29

N 47° 19 ‘ 24.95‘‘ E 12° 48‘ 1.92‘‘

Opening times

Opening times adapted to the daylight
9:30am - 9pm

Boat Rental Scheicher