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NKD – neighbourhood stores for the whole family

NKD is the local value retailer among the clothing discounters and provides its customers with a wide product range of current seasonal fashion for the whole family, as well as home textiles and home accessories. This clothing discounter with around 8,000 employees is one of the leading clothing retailers in Central Europe.
Our continuously new selection (“New every week”) of current fashion – at unbelievably good prices – targets customers seasonally and by using fashion trends. NKD provides a full product range for the whole family. In the last three years, NKD has permanently expanded its product range – for example, with the addition of fashion for sporting enthusiasts and teenagers – and has a wide range of products on offer for the whole family. Practical merchandise and beautiful textiles for the home round off the range together with alternating promotional items from the divisions home accessories, toys, household wares, electronic devices and gift items. Regular promotions with brand stars and current trends target new customer groups.


The NKD aspiration 

People who look out for affordable prices will still be able to expect products of excellent quality – this is the promise that NKD’s customers can rely on. NKD lives up to its quality promise by regularly reviewing the way its suppliers manufacture their products and controlling its own in-house manufacturing quality. Here, NKD works with international certified testing institutes and laboratories as well.


Company Structure       

NKD Holdings GmbH, with its headquarters in Bindlach, coordinates and manages the activities of the NKD Group.                                   

NKD Österreich Holding GmbH, with its headquarters in Upper Austrian Wels, coordinates and manages national activities in Austria, Italy Slovenia and Croatia. The stores in Austria have been part of the NKD Group since 1995.

Going forward, NKD plans to grow its store network that currently comprises 1,776 stores in Central Europe, of which approximately 290 are located in Austria.

NKD Österreich GmbH

Magazinstraße 3, 5700 Zell am See
5700 Zell am See


N 47° 19 ‘ 17.73‘‘ E 12° 47‘ 51.67‘‘

Opening times

Monday till Friday
9.00am - 6.00pm

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NKD Österreich GmbH