Slo FreZzzeur Coiffeur

Hair & Barber salon

We speak Arabic - Marwan and Abu Khalifa.

Our services:

  • Shaving mirrors - we use a thread and cream to clean your skin.
  • Latest haircuts and models
  • We have a special secret - we have our own veiled women to work Almikiaj and the latest women's haircuts and styles (also for eyebrows).
  • We offer you 10% discount if you do bring a sample of the RihlatCard.

Slo FreZzzeur Coiffeur

Centralstrasse 42
3800 Interlaken

+41 33 821 14 02
[email protected]

N 46° 41 ‘ 1.98‘‘ E 7° 51‘ 25.33‘‘

Opening times

Monday to Thursday
9am until 6:30pm
9 am until 8pm
9am until 6pm

Slo FreZzzeur Coiffeur