Zell air - individual aviation


ZellAir GmbH, operated by Salzburg Jet Aviation and founded in 2014, offers a completely new flight service. We fly you and 8 additional passengers including your luggage quickly and safely to your destination in Europe – golf bags, skis, surfboards or bicycles, we carry everything for you!


In order to serve new segments within European aviation and bring our service closer to our customers, an exceptional aircraft is imperative: The benefit of our Caravan enables us to fulfill the needs and wishes of our customers. By using a Cessna Caravan as the aircraft for our service, only short runways are needed for both take-off and landing on paved and also rough and unprepared airstrips which further provides space for up to 9 passengers and a mass of baggage.


ZellAir GmbH places great emphasis on your safety. To accomplish this target, state-of-the-art technologies are used and the highest standards are maintained. Just as important is our experienced, excellently qualified and constantly trai- ned flight team. Our pilots, Wilhelm Thaller and Florian Schett, embody with their commitment, diligence and engagement the philosophy and mission of the company ZellAir GmbH. Due to their many years of experience in various areas of responsibility and related tasks within aviation, they are highly competent to conduct safe and reliable flight operations.


We bring you to the next skiing area! Not feeling like continuing your travel by taxi, bus or train after a long and hard scheduled flight, which will be further inconvenienced by traffic jam at least in the main season? We bring you and up to 8 further passengers within less time quickly and safely to your desired destination.


You can compare the transportation capacity to a 9-seater van: everything you might bring into a van we are also able to transport. Maximum weight of all passengers and their baggage should not exceed 900 kilos, making in average 100 kilos per passenger with baggage, at full occupancy.


Right by the 175 canals through Venice, several sights are located such as palazzos, plazas and magnificent churches, which make a journey with a singing gondolier seem like a perfectly composed painting.

Stroll over one of the 400 bridges of the city or discover one of the countless art galleries. Fortify yourself with pasta and fresh pastries for the day in order to bring the day to a close with high-end shopping at the Piazza San Marco. a special highlight awaits our customer at the airfield in italy: a boat trip from the airfield directly to the Piazza San Marco is included in the price!

PRICE: € 400,00

price per person, incl. boat trip to and from the city, 6 tickets have to be sold to activate the flight or book as a private flight: € 2.400,-

Zell air - individual aviation

Kaprunerstraße 15
5700 Zell am See

+43 676 44 55 286

N 47° 17 ‘ 32.30‘‘ E 12° 47‘ 15.43‘‘

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Zell air - individual aviation