Austria Travel Guide


Deep alpine valleys, snow-covered mountains, blue lakes and endless green nature—expect all of that and much more when planning a trip to Austria. The small but beautiful country in the heart of Europe provides stark contrasts between breathtaking nature and vibrant city life. Your Austria travel guide has everything you need to know including information on prayer times, halal restaurants and the best sights.

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Travel to Austria

Muslims cherish Austria and its multifaceted appeal. The climate is mostly mild with cold, snow-heavy winters, rain punctuating the year, and mild summers with a few warmer days here and there. Some regions even offer snow and winter all year round, predominantly in the glaciers surrounding Salzburg, Zell am See and Innsbruck. The quaint nature is only matched by the rich history and cultural tradition of the country. Holidays in Austria provide unforgettable moments with ancient customs and events dating back to centuries long gone.

Why you need to visit Austria

If you travel to Austria, you will be welcomed with open arms. The people are known for their genuine hospitality in both cities and the countryside. Exciting accommodation options, ranging from privately rented rooms to luxurious hotels, fulfil your every need. Arab tourists may enjoy a wide selection of culinary experiences including halal restaurants. There are many mosques with regular prayer hours nearby.

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Best book your accommodation early, as Austria is very popular with tourists from all over the world!