Germany travel guide

What to do in Germany?

This is certainly the most frequently asked question among our Arab guests. Our travel guide to Germany can help fulfil your dreams. Learn more about the most exciting places to visit in Germany and find suitable accommodation plus a wide array of additional services for a truly memorable stay.






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Travel to Germany

You can find plenty of breathtaking spots to visit in this multifaceted country. Explore the beauty of Bavaria with its capital city of Munich or the alpine region Garmisch-Partenkirchen and enjoy crystal-clear lakes, high snow-covered mountains, lush green meadows, and attractive urban life with fascinating sights, day trip excursions and shopping options. We encourage you to also explore the more northern parts of the country with its diverse people, scenery and culture.

Arab tourists in Germany

Enjoy a ride or walk through the beautiful nature of Germany. Imagine a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the green meadows amidst snow-capped mountains. If you are interested in any recommendations and hints from other Arab tourists, including information on halal restaurants, exciting events, prayer times and the best sights, just visit the German travel blog. A trip to Germany does not require a lot of effort. Just rent a car with Europcar or Sixt for top ease and comfort during your travels. If you plan your trip in advance, make sure to book your accommodation early. You can find apartments, low to medium-budget hotels, and of course 5-star luxury hotels. For any questions just visit our accommodation section or ask us directly using the chat function.