Swiss holidays: Lucerne and its attractions

What to do in Lucerne when on holiday

Switzerland has a fast-beating and sentimental heart. Pulsating life meets quaint regional charm in Lucerne. Its attractions and its people provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable holidays. There are so many reasons for Arab guests to visit Lucerne. Charming nature, moderate climate with sufficient precipitation in all seasons, and the perfect balance between nature, shopping and sightseeing makes Lucerne the place to be.

Lucerne for Arab tourists

  • Accommodations and rooms of all sorts
  • Two mosques in central Lucerne and several halal restaurants
  • Swimming and water sports in Lake Lucerne
  • Hiking and skiing in the nearby Swiss Alps
  • Charming historic town centre for sightseeing and shopping tours

Sights in Lucerne

With its location at Lake Lucerne and the river Reuss, the town in central Switzerland is home to many bridges. Take a quiet stroll from riverside to the other and marvel at the fine half-timber structures. The twin needle towers of the Church of St. Leodegar in its charming Renaissance style are certain to be one of the highlights of your Lucerne holidays.

Things to do in Lucerne

If you travel to Lucerne, you simply must take a swim in the lake of the same name. The beautiful body of water is also a sailors’ getaway and lends itself to small cruises –  make sure you bring your binoculars! A brief drive to the mounts Rigi and Pilatus in the Swiss Alps opens up one of the most popular hiking and skiing regions in all of Switzerland. Capped off by exciting traditional events and festivals, central Switzerland is always worth visiting.

Enjoy Lucerne and its attractions and make your reservation today!