Holidays and sightseeing in Lugano

Lugano for Arab tourists

Colossal mountains with snow-covered peaks, yawning lakes with clear water, a lively town centre and genuine hospitality: Holidays in Lugano combine fascinating nature adventures with cultural experiences throughout the entire region. Several awe-inspiring heritage sites are awaiting your visit in Lugano. There is so much to do and experience in this delightful town at the Italian border. Find out more here!

Visit Lugano

  • Rooms and accommodations from luxury hotels to private apartments
  • Shopping streets, farmers’ markets and malls throughout the town
  • Swimming in Lake Lugano, winter sports in Bedea-Novaggio
  • Two halal restaurants in Lugano
  • Several prominent mosques in the town centre with regular prayer times

Sightseeing in Lugano

There are so many amazing things to do in Lugano. There are 17 national Swiss heritage sites, including two libraries, three churches, three museums and several notable houses. Picturesque roads and alleys meander through the entire centre.

What to do in Lugano?

Lugano’s attractions are manifold and include various sportive activities. Skiing in winter, hiking and swimming in summer, divine destinations in the surrounding region, and tailor-made offers for guests from the Arabic region – there many reasons to travel to Lugano.

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